Keeping active during lockdown

As we stay at home and all play our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, you may be thinking what activities can be carried out at home. 

At Tivoli Lifestyle we have a passion for the environment, green spaces and parks. This passion is also supported by our grounds maintenance team ‘Tivoli Services’ who’s holistic approach to maintaining and creating beautiful landscapes can be seen through the Arun district. 

Whilst at home take a look outside and see what nature or sounds can be discovered. From birds singing to identifying types of birds; do you have any winter flowers beginning to bloom; what wildlife can you find in your garden or while you’re out exercising; can you hear the waves crashing upon the shoreline and the trees rustling in the wind?

You may want to make a scrap book of all things you have discovered; this could be drawings, leaves, twigs, or photos of wildlife. 

These activities are great for all ages, why not have a go!